WebRtc Video Chat:

  • Updated and Tested with unity 2021 and 2022 LTS. The Unity C# projects will now require the newer Unity versions but the C# API continues to work with Unity 2020
  • MediaConfig.VideoBitrateKbits added to allow setting a target birate (appears to default to 2500 kbits which is too low for HD and higher)
  • MediaConfig.VideoContentHint added. This can be set to motion, detail or text to optimize the video stream for specific content
  • MAINTAIN_RESOLUTION flag is removed. Set VideoContentHint to detail instead
  • MediaConfig.VideoCodecs added. This allows to set a list of codecs to priotize (VP8, VP9, AV1 are usually supported. H264 on iOS and some browsers)
  • RequestStats and RtcStatsEvent added to BrowserWebRtcCall (webgl) and NativeWebRtcCall(all other except UWP). This can be used to check on the current bitrate, used codecs and more
  • Native: NativeMediaConfig.FrameBuffer = true is now the default to help with fluent video playback at low render FPS
  • The VideoInput example scene now shows an animated panorama image to allow testing with different birate requrements
  • WebGL: Calling Unity_Media_EnableScreenCapture(“screen”, true) allows capturing the screen with system audio if supported by the browser.

Holo Video Chat:

  • Fixed several issues within the wrapper that could cause stalls (deadlock in the SDK) and crashes (leaking of the video tracks that resulted in the camera to remain active)
  • fixed crash causing issue when deactivating EyeTracking. This resulted in the system to restart accessing the camera directly while the VideoTransformer might still access the camera
  • camera access is now delayed by 2 seconds or so
  • Made the log more chatty to hopefully better be able to reproduce any crashes
  • Added different VideoQuality structs to make changing it easier