WebRTC Video Chat

WebRTC Video Chat



WebRTC Video Chat allows to connect users via audio, video streams and text messages. It can be used to build applications similar to Skype or Teamspeak and include the functionality directly into a game or VR application.

The assets comes with a fully functional example application (“CallApp”) to demonstrate how to create a video chat. If this
is all you need you can simply change the UI to your liking and use it without any programming.

WebRTC Video Chat also comes with a copy of WebRTC Network (see below).

How does it work?

The plugin automatically handles all audio/video and network functionality for you. All you need is to
create a Call object and connect it to the other side and using a shared password. An event handler will
then return events when a user connects, sends a message, a new video frame is received and so on.
The video frames will be returned as a raw image. You can then copy it into a texture (see example) or
use it for other libraries e.g for facial recognition or applying filters.

Supported platforms and features

Following platforms are currently supported:

  • Unity Editor for Windows and Mac (x64)
  • Standalone Win x86, Win x64
  • Standalone Mac x64
  • Android armv7a, x86, arm64
  • iOS arm, arm64
  • Chrome and Firefox

Note that Universal Windows Platform is not supported!

You can find sample applications for all platforms here.

WebRTC Network



WebRTC Network is built with fast paced multiplayer games in mind. It gives access to WebRTC Datachannels which allow multiple unity applications to establish direct connections to each other. It can be used for games similar to counter strike where low latency is an important factor but is also useful for the use of peer-to-peer connection to avoid heavy server use, to connect peers using different platforms (e.g. direct connections between a windows desktop application and a browser window) or to create complicated network application that need more than a simple server / client structure (such as bittorrent).

WebRTC Network is a plugin for Unity WebGL and windows (more coming soon) that allows two games to connect DIRECTLY to each other and send reliable/unreliable messages using WebRTC
Datachannels. This makes it well suited for any fast paced real time multiplayer games.

WebRTC still requires a server to initialize the connection between two users.
This version will automatically use a test server for this purpose but you can set up and use
your own server any time.


  • Very simple programming interface. These are all methods you need: Start/StopServer, Connect,
    Disconnect, SendMessage + a Dequeue method to read incomming network events!
  • Send messages reliable or unreliable
  • Contains a complete chat app as an example
  • Platforms supported: WebGL (Firefox, Chrome) + Windows x86 and x64.
  • Unlike many other network libraries for unity WebRtcNetwork fully supports peer-to-peer! You can have multiple
    incoming and outgoing connections at the same time!

You can find the binary samples here.  (Press “Network example”)